Which flowers to give for your Wedding Anniversary

Published: Sunday 31 July 2022

Which flowers to give for your Wedding Anniversary

Which flowers to give for your Wedding Anniversary

Flowers make every occasion just that little more special and wedding anniversaries are just the time to spoil your partner with flowers that tell them you love and adore them.

This guide will help you to show that extra level of care:
1st Anniversary - Carnations
You’ve made it through year one and the passion is still burning bright, just like carnations (especially red ones) that symbolises passion, commitment and strong love bonds.

Your 2nd Anniversary - Lisianthus
Lilies with their fragile petals and heavenly fragrance stand for devotion, pure love and romance. Lisianthus comes in a variety of colour choices and is perfect for allergy sufferers.

3rd Anniversary - Sunflowers
The centre of the sunflower reminds couples that they are becoming one and that loyalty is the best gift in marriage. Your whole world is now surrounded by each other.

4th Anniversary - Hydrangea
The delicate florets that group together to form the lovely hydrangea remind married couples that they will endure happy and sad if they stay together, appreciate each other and form a united front.

5th Anniversary - Daisies
Time to get the innocence of new love and the fun you discovered in being together to the forefront. No better flower than the humble daisy to remind you not to take love too seriously and that your partner is vulnerable, special and yours forever.

10th Anniversary - Daffodils
Ten years and time to celebrate the sunshine with bright yellow happy daffodils! Any yellow flower will remind your spouse that sharing everyday joys and small gestures of love makes you both tick over. Happiness, sunshine and celebrations for a decade of sharing.

15th Anniversary - Roses
Roses in all their glory are considered the ultimate symbol of love, especially red roses, so it is just fitting to celebrate 15 years of shared love with something as special as a bunch of roses.
20th Anniversary - Asters
Asters are widely considered the rabbit’s foot of flowers as they convey wisdom, appreciation and shared a wealth of love. Twenty years together deserves a massive bunch of asters.

25th Anniversary - Irises
The iris is a reminder that true love keeps on flowering and creates new flowers every year of being together. The deep purple of the iris talks about the pureness and royal feeling a couple feels as they look back on 25 years of sharing life.

30th Anniversary - Lilies
The beauty and heavenly fragrance of lilies are perfect to celebrate 30 years together. Lilies are seen as symbols of everlasting love, purity and sharing one heart.

50th Anniversary – Bouquet of golden yellow flowers
A luxurious bunch of golden yellow flowers thanks a life partner for love, companionship, sharing and caring for each other.

These guides are a bit tongue in the cheek – the truth is that flowers given or received say just one thing – you are amazing and my heart beats faster every time you step into a room. Thank you for loving me. x