Botanical Selection of Flowers

Botanical Selection
Botanical selection bright and cheery Flowers by Zak
Botanical selection bright and cheery reds Flowers by Zak Mornington
Botanical selection bright pinks Flowers by Zak Mornington
Botanical selection red tulips Flowers by Zak Mornington florists
Botanical selection yellow Flowers by Zak Mornington florist
Botanical selection orange tulips Flowers by Zak Mornington florists
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  • Flowers always vary in colour and availability, but the design stays the same. You will always get a photo of your order before it is delivered. Kindly approve your order. Courtesy waiting time is 20 minutes, after which your order will be delivered as approved.


  • Botanical Selection - A Finely Curated Collection of Flowers in an Eco-Friendly Window Box Vase


  • Discover the beauty of nature and sustainable living with our exquisite Botanical Selection - a carefully curated collection of flowers presented in an eco-friendly window box vase. Each element of this exceptional arrangement has been thoughtfully chosen to bring together the wonders of flora and eco-consciousness principles. Let the vibrant blooms and environmentally friendly design of the Botanical Selection enchant your senses and enhance your living space.


  • The Botanical Selection is a celebration of nature's diversity and elegance. Zak, our expert florist, has meticulously handpicked a variety of exquisite blooms that harmonize perfectly in this stunning arrangement. Delicate roses in various hues, vibrant daisies, and fragrant lavender intertwine with lush green foliage, creating a visual symphony of colours and textures. The combination of these thoughtfully selected flowers creates a captivating display that effortlessly infuses any room with natural beauty and a refreshing ambience.


  • What sets the Botanical Selection apart is its eco-friendly window box vase. Crafted from sustainable and recyclable materials, this vase exemplifies our commitment to the environment. The window box design showcases the flowers in all their glory.


  • Embracing sustainable practices, the Botanical Selection showcases our dedication to preserving the planet. By choosing this arrangement, you are treating yourself to a captivating floral display and making a conscious choice to reduce waste and support eco-friendly initiatives. The vase is designed for reusability, allowing you to repurpose it for future flower arrangments or contribute to the cycle of sustainability by recycling it responsibly.


  • Imagine placing the Botanical Selection on your windowsill, where it becomes a living work of art. The vibrant blossoms and verdant foliage peek through the transparent panels, inviting natural light to dance upon their delicate petals. The arrangement brings the beauty of the outdoors inside, creating a serene and refreshing atmosphere. Whether in a kitchen, living room, or bedroom, the Botanical Selection adds a touch of natural elegance to any space, transforming it into a sanctuary of tranquillity and harmony.In addition to its inherent beauty and eco-friendly design, the Botanical Selection also makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion. This arrangement symbolises life, growth, and sustainability for birthdays, anniversaries, or simply expressing gratitude. By gifting the Botanical Selection, you delight your loved ones with a stunning floral display and inspire them to embrace a more eco-conscious lifestyle.


  • Unleash the wonders of nature and embrace sustainability with the Botanical Selection. This finely curated collection of flowers in an eco-friendly window box vase brings together the beauty of botanicals and the principles of environmental responsibility. Let the enchanting blooms and the transparency of the vase transport you to a world of natural splendour. Elevate your living space and inspire a greener future by embracing the Botanical Selection today.