Chocolatier Milk & Dark Mixed Chocolate Box 190g

Chocolatier Milk & Dark Mixed Chocolate Box 190g
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A Chocolate Box selection of 18 quality milk and dark chocolates made with love in Melbourne by an Australian Chocolatier.

The perfect gift to make the surprise of flowers last that little longer, chocolates have been associated with flowers and florists for ages.

I selected the best of Melbourne chocolatier offerings and proudly present this elegant and delicious selection for your enjoyment.

  • Butterscotch Cup
    Luscious smooth butterscotch filling in pure milk chocolate
  • Tiramisu
    A creamy chocolate filling layered with crepe crumbs and coffee for a classic dessert flavour surrounded by dark chocolate
  • Salted Caramel
    Pure dark chocolate filled with smooth caramel and sprinkled with salt
  • Cookies and Cream
    Vanilla and cookie crumbs encased in milk chocolate create a classic flavour hit
  • Strawberries Delice
    Milk chocolate cup filled with creamy strawberry-flavoured white chocolate
  • Berry Ganache
    A creamy dark ganache infused with freeze-dried berries for a tangy treat
  • Salted Almond
    A creamy dark filling with hits of salted almond pieces to keep it interesting.
  • Jam Doughnut
    Jam, cinnamon, and creamy white chocolate filling encased in pure milk chocolate… mmm, doughnuts!
  • Peanut Butter Caramel
    Crunchy peanuts in a caramel peanut filling surrounded by milk chocolate


Allergens: The product Contains Milk, Soy, Peanuts, Tree Nuts (Almonds) & Gluten (Wheat and Barley).

It may Contain: Other Tree Nuts, Sulphites and/or eggs.