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Celebrate life's extraordinary moments with "Special Moment," our curated collection of premium flowers cradled in an exquisite boat-shaped ceramic vase. Crafted to evoke wonder, each bloom tells a story of joy, love, and milestones. Zak pours his heart and artistry into arranging this exceptional ensemble, ensuring every petal radiates elegance.

The unique ceramic vessel adds a touch of sophistication, making it a showstopper for extra special occasions. Whether marking an anniversary, achievement, or a cherished milestone, "Special Moment" transforms fleeting instances into enduring memories. Elevate your celebrations with this floral masterpiece, a testament to the beauty of your most treasured moments.

All orders receive a complimentary greeting card with your personal message inside and gold sealed to ensure privacy.

  • Flowers will always vary in colour and availability, so your order may not be a carbon copy of the image on my website. However, rest assured that you will always get a picture of your order BEFORE it is delivered.
  • Kindly approve your order as this is your chance to feel confident that your flower gift is exactly as you wanted.
  • The courtesy response time is 20 minutes after which your order will be delivered as approved.

  • Quality
  • We guarantee the highest quality blooms to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • Value
  • We offer exceptional value by providing the best stem count and quality vases.
  • Service
  • Personal friendly service where you always talk directly to the owner, Zak.
  • Delivery
  • Zak delivers flowers himself ensuring pristine condition with every delivery.