Sublime Lilies and Roses Casket Spray

Sublime Lilies and Roses Casket Spray
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Introducing the Pink Lily and Rose Coffin Spray, a stunning tribute that gracefully honours the life and beauty of your loved one. This exquisite arrangement combines the elegance of lilies and the timeless allure of roses, creating a truly captivating display. Perfectly designed for a funeral or memorial service, this floral masterpiece serves as a heartfelt expression of love, remembrance, and sympathy.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Pink Lily and Rose Coffin Spray feature a harmonious blend of delicate pink lilies and velvety roses, carefully selected to convey a sense of purity, grace, and compassion. Each bloom is hand-picked at the peak of its perfection, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.

The soft, pastel hues of the lilies and roses give the arrangement an air of serenity and tranquillity. The velvety petals of the roses exude a gentle fragrance that adds a touch of soothing comfort, creating an atmosphere of solace and peace. The overall composition of the spray is designed to bring a sense of calmness and reverence to the funeral setting.

Measuring 90cm, 1.5m or 1.8m, the Pink Lily and Rose Coffin Spray is an impressive centrepiece that rests gracefully atop the casket, paying homage to the life that was lived. Its generous size and lush foliage make it an eye-catching tribute, creating a lasting impression on all who attend the service.

With its elegant design and captivating beauty, this coffin spray serves as a heartfelt symbol of love and affection. It offers solace to grieving hearts, providing a visual representation of cherished memories and a gentle reminder of the enduring beauty of life. 

When words alone are not enough to express your condolences, the Pink Lily and Rose Coffin Spray become a poignant gesture that speaks volumes. It is a touching way to bid farewell to your loved one, creating a memorable tribute that celebrates their life and offers solace to those left behind.

Note: The dimensions and specific details of the coffin spray can be added based on your requirements. Speak to Zak to get the most out of your flowers.